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Granite Memorial Markers

Granite cemetery "markers" are flat memorials also known as grass markers or flush markers. Flat Cemetery markers are easier to maintain than upright memorials and allows the cemetery to maintain a park-like appearance. Flat grave markers can also come in any size and a variety of shapes. Typically you will  find rectangular grave marker due to most cemetery regulations. Everlasting Memorials features just a few granite grave marker designs but possibilities are endless. These granite cemetery markers are a "blank slate" where an artist can engrave many kinds of designs into them. If you do not find the design  you desire please contact us and we will help you to design a marker that better suits your loved one.

Every Religious Design

Many to choose from:

Jewish Emblem Design

Nature Designs 

Many to choose from:

Bronze Memorial Designs

Bronze Grave Markers
, and Bronze on Granite Headstones and Gravestones

Bronze cemetery markers are flat memorials often set on granite bases. Names, dates and inscriptions are cast raised in bronze on the markers. You have the option of ordering the grave marker with or without a bronze vase as part of the bronze memorial. Each bronze cemetery marker is unique and is hand crafted by skilled artisans who work and turn the cast, hard metal into personalized tributes in bronze. When ordering a bronze cemetery marker, you will need to know size limitations for your cemetery and the color of granite base they will accept.

Please note: 
Bronze Ledger markers can take three to six months or more to produce and ship.
Please allow time if a specific event (unveiling or family gathering)
is planned.

Upright Monument Selections
Upright Granite Memorials, Grave Markers, Headstones, Cemetery Tombstones, Gravestones, or Monuments

Granite cemetery memorials, sometimes called headstones, or upright grave markers, are comprised of  an upright engraved stone sitting on a matching base. They can be any size and made for an individual or companions.  Not all cemeteries allow these monuments so please consult your cemetery prior to ordering your headstone.  Everlasting Memorials,llc provides custom granite cemetery memorials designed to your specifications. These granite cemetery markers are an everlasting tribute to your loved one and we will try to make the selection as easy as possible.




Please note:
Upright monuments and benches can take up to six months or more to produce and ship.
Please allow time if a specific event (unveiling or family gathering)
is  planned.

Memorial and Cremation Benches, Pedestals Selections

A Memorial Bench is a splendid tribute to a special person. Everlasting Memorials,llc has several styles of memorial tribute benches that will be well received in cemeteries. Our memorial benches are crafted from the finest Granite which will remain a lasting tribute for years to come. The color will never fade, and the polished surfaces will  resist harsh weather or vandalism, and require minimal maintenance.



Please check with consultant for other design choices
or "custom designs". 
Many custom design configurations are possible.

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